Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

Who are we

Divers is the new kid on the block in Antwerp, and not just some kid:
the healthiest one in town!

We believe that great food and great company are crucial ingredients to the good life. Every day, we prepare a mouthwatering range of cold pressed juices and out-of-this-world smoothies to fill your belly – the healthy way. All our juices and foods are lovingly made by hand from real, honest and, if possible, organic ingredients free from refined sugars, additives or other nasties.

All of our juices and foods are also made to take-away. Drop in, bring a big smile and an even bigger appetite to try the tastiest juices & smoothies in the hood!

Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix
Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix
Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

Our goals

We believe that pure, clean foods not only taste wonderful but also have healing and nutritious benefits for you. We believe that beauty starts from within so in order to feel and look at your best, you need to be feeding your body the right foods.

We want you to incorporate more veggies and fruit in your daily routine – NOT to go on a crash diet (we hate diets). Just try a smoothie or juice a day, and trust us – you will notice the difference!

Healthy Fixes

Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are considered to be the healthiest foods you can eat because they contain a much higher nutrient-to-calorie ratio than other foods. In the raw food and natural health movement, superfoods are major focal points.

So, then what is a superfood smoothie?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet A LOT of (yes we know – very busy) people skip breakfast on a daily basis! We bet most people’s excuses that they’re in a hurry. If you’re one of those people who skips breakfast due to time constraints, then our superfood smoothies are for you.

There is no set definition or rule about what a super food smoothie must contain. The one key component is that it must be bursting with nutrients. They must also have an alkalizing effect on the body. (Most smoothies you get these days are loaded with milk and sugar and are not that nutritious at all, they also create a very acidic state in the body.)

Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix
Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

At DIVERS, we do NOT include dairy in any of our range of superfood smoothies. Instead, the base may be coconut water, nut milk or coconut milk. The smoothies also have a base of fruits or leafy greens for the high mineral content, nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. Then, on top of that we add in ‘super foods’ which are extremely nutrient dense and high in health benefits.

We have chosen to use Amazonia RAW products in our superfood smoothies.
Because they are all we want our smoothies to be.

DIVERS superfood smoothies

  • 100% raw & vegan
  • Stacked with spices, wholefoods, sea minerals, seeds, …
  • NO eggs – lactose – gluten
  • NO added sugar
  • NO preservatives
  • NO additives
Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

What are smoothie bowls?

It’s a scientific fact: Food just tastes better in bowls. Putting your
smoothie in a bowl gives you an excuse to shower it with toppings, fresh fruits and more goodies.

These super-bowls are filling, nutrient-packed, and most importantly, absolutely delicious. The texture is slightly less liquid than usual, the result: a thicker, richer and creamier consistency that’s almost ice cream-like (Doesn’t this sound way more fun than “bokes me choco”?).

Better yet: Going for a meal in a bowl allows you to go nuts with delicious additions like chia seeds – goji berries – granola – fresh fruits and other fun toppings.

Oh yeah, and they are all healthy – 100 %
Oh yeah, and also vegan
Oh yeah, and also gluten free

And they fill your belly – the healthy way!

Divers Antwerpen | Your Healthy Fix

Why choose divers

  • You would rather sip on some juice or smoothie than gnaw your way through a huge bowl of kale and spinach
  • You want to feel instantly better than you do right now (trust us – you’ll be proud of yourself)
  • Your mouth is often tired of talking (drinking juices and smoothies gives your jaw a rest)
  • You want to find your Zen (drinking liquids for spiritual reasons has been around for ages)
  • You want to give your body all it needs – wait for it … – in a glass or a bowl!
  • You want to impress your doctor because of your improved health – your doctor may look up to you, literally
  • You want to look like you’ve been in Bali for the last 6 months (eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and veggies gives you a healthier golden glow than the sun)
  • You’ll live forever – or at least a very, very, very long time
  • You’ll be able to make the most Instagram-worthy pics with our delish juices and foods #diversantwerpen (we are not responsible for the huge amount of extra likes and/or attention you will be getting)

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